Aunt Bea:  A long road home

The quickest way to get from Point A to Point B is a straight line. But that’s not the only way to get there. And so it was for our lovely Aunt Bea, who hails from the Sheldon Mustang band. Bea is one of the 907 wild Mustangs seized from a failed South Dakota sanctuary and one of 47 horses from that rescue to have joined our family at This Old Horse.

Bea was adopted and rehomed three times before coming, at last and finally, to us. Our Wild Hearts team—a group of volunteers focused on nurturing and developing relationships with our Mustang mares—wasted no time making Bea know she was loved and safe. And the familiar culture and behavior of her new neighbors, our Virginia Range mustang mares (Posh, Baby, Willow and little Bonbon) made her feel she was in a world where she belonged. 

But then she developed an unlikely friendship with her neighbor Kit.  Kit is a blind Haflinger mare who was separated from her half sister when her owner encountered a hardship and could not keep both horses.   

Kit was timid and needed a kind companion and we would not have picked a wild Mustang to fill the bill. But this was not our story to write…it was theirs.  And they joined forces over the fence, formed a bond and it was a logical progression to put them together and see what happened!  Kit and Aunt Bea have brought out the best in each other—Bea gives Kit confidence and a way to navigate her world and Kit repays Bea with a loyal friendship that has eluded her in the past.  

We strive everyday to recognize and support the things that make our horses comfortable and settled. For Bea to have found her place in the universe reminds us that even a long road will get you home.  

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