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found safe harbor at This Old Horse.

It has been eight months since we brought home the blind, wild Mustang stallions who were seized from a failed sanctuary in South Dakota.


As they stumbled off the trailer, unable to see the step, then huddled together, bewildered and disoriented, we wondered if we had done the right thing. Did we have the 'right stuff' to nurture and support these horses? We said at the time that we took them because of what WE had to offer, not for what THEY had to offer.


And over these months, as we have seen their incredible collaboration and cooperation with one another, marveled at their self-sufficiency and their sense of community we realized we were wrong...THEY have given us far more than we could ever give them. They are simply magnificent. Successful. Peaceful. Powerful. Inspiring. They changed us. And we will be forever grateful. Love is good.

We admitted a group of Spanish Mustangs from a band called the Gila as part of a rescue mission out of South Dakota and we are thrilled to welcome them. Predictably, we got some questions about them and our role in their lives, e.g. “Why would anyone take in seven blind stallions? Out of all the horses who need help, why put resources and energy into these horses? Why not take in young, healthy horses that have a productive life ahead of them? What are you going to do with them?”

We ask for the support of our community in fulfilling our mission to help rescued, recovering and retired horses. And when people ask about our mission and our priorities, they are entitled to their questions and to our answers.

So here’s the thing. These seven stallions didn’t have a shot at being placed through the normal channels—not even a long shot. The odds of their survival were poor and arguably their deaths would be unremarkable, they would go from life to death unheralded, unmourned. And frankly, who cares?  We do. 

We help these horses and other vulnerable, special needs horses because WE have a great deal to offer, not because they do. There is such joy in simply helping horses. Invariably, our volunteers find that they get more than they give at This Old Horse. Our volunteers and donors join our cause because the best gift they have ever opened is their hearts. 

It is no secret that we can use your help, your time, your donations to keep this mission going. The story of our horses is the story of us. Make their success story your success story. Help if you can, wish us well if you can’t. Love is good.

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