We all know the expression "eats like a horse" Super size that image and you get "eats like an old horse!" As horses age, their teeth and digestive systems become less effective at managing forage such as grass and hay. 

Because forage is the primary element of a horse diet, supplemental nutrition is required—and lots of it!   Feed, high-quality forage and nutritional supplements are the most essential and expensive element of our program. Our other myriad expenses include special medication, farrier work, vet care as well as facilities maintenance to ensure our horses have a safe, secure and comfortable environment.


Help us help.  Make a donation to This Old Horse to help with the cost of supporting one or many horses in our care.  Dedicate your donation for a specific need or trust us to use it where the need is greatest.  Your charitable contribution is tax-deductible.  

We thank you.

A Friend in Need

We will not

fail them.  

They have

never failed us.

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