Horse Donation

Our mission is to offer retired, rescued or special needs horses a home for life where they may age in place—loved, honored and respected to the end.  We host in a horses in our accredited sanctuary and through our extensive foster host network.

General guidelines:

Retirement:  Horses are referred to us in a variety of ways.  Some come to us after a working life such as broodmares, therapy horses, competitive show or race horses or mounted patrol work.  They have served their owners well and once age and time have taken their toll, have earned a life of retirement.

​Horses typically considered for our retirement program are 15 years or older and have been retired from a productive service career. These horses accepted in the program will use their considerable skills and experience to help introduce people to the joys of having a relationship with horses. This may happen in a riding or non-riding relationship.

​Hardship Surrender:  When horse owner has a change in circumstances whereby continuing to meet the needs of their horse creates a hardship for them or the horse, we can often help.    

Rescue:  Occasionally, a horse in dire straights needing swift intervention is brought to our attention.  In most of these cases, they have poor body condition and are significantly underweight.   Our nutritionist is on call to develop care plans and we have had remarkable success in helping starved horses recover.

A person donating a horse agrees to transfer legal ownership to This Old Horse.  In return, This Old Horse agrees to accept ownership of the horse and assume all obligations with respect to the horse. After the horse is accepted and ownership is transferred, This Old Horse shall be solely responsible for the horse’s care and expenses, including but not limited to providing a safe, clean, dry environment as well as regular and adequate food and water, veterinary care, hoof care, grooming and exercise.

This Old Horse is a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation qualifying as a charitable organization. Donation of a horse to This Old Horse may be tax-deductible for the donor. This Old Horse strongly recommends that the donor seek professional advice from a certified public accountant or other qualified tax advisor regarding the potential tax benefits, if any, of donating a horse to This Old Horse.  All appraisals are the sole responsibility of donor.

​This Old Horse does not to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of our horses to a third party.

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