Pasture Prime

We have developed a program we are calling “This Old Horse: Pasture Prime Partners” and invited friends of This Old Horse who have safe, high quality pastures to collaborate with us in providing summer grazing opportunities for some of horses who are healthy, with good body condition, retired and uncomplicated as far as their daily care.


Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers, many of our horses have officially ‘graduated’ from rescue or rehab status to regular status.  They survived, then thrived under the love and care of each of you.

Pasture grazing offers the highest quality of life a horse could ask for and we are thrilled to be able to give them this opportunity.

They will spend the summer on the grazing program and return to us in the Fall when the pasture goes dormant.  They will continue to be ‘our’ horses and we encourage volunteers to maintain there friendship and involvement with the horses over the Summer.  This will open spots for other horses coming in who have special needs or who are here on a temporary basis.

Our Partners

Jenny Borgersen, Hastings

Shimek-Johnson, Afton

Steepleview Farm, Delano

Root Farm, Waconia

Ablinger Dressage, Stillwater

Ilwaco Springs, Hudson, WI

Shockro Farm, Lonsdale

Winsor Farm, Afton

Ziniel Farm

New Market, MN

Cyclone Mini Ranch

Newton Iowa

Sue and Tom have opened their hearts and barn to seven mini equines who needed a new home this year.

Red Jack Ranch

Afton, MN

Smithhaven Farm

Cologne, MN

Engrem Farm

Elko, MN

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