The Target Field 'Farm Team' Frequently Asked Questions

• Training: All NPO group associates are required to attend an annual general training class scheduled by their group leader. In addition to the general class, New Group Coordinators and Stand Leaders must attend a Lead Training class. Groups that run stands with unique concepts may be asked to send NPO cooks to training class to learn vendor standards, if they do not hire cooks from Sportservice.

• Parking: This is the volunteers’ choice. There is plenty of parking near the ballpark. We recommend car-pooling and mass transit options to cut down on parking costs.

• Uniforms: Group associates are required to wear a Sportservice shirt & hat. The group associates must wear their own woven/twill work-style black pants, non-cling but not baggy, cut straight from the hip such as Dockers or Dickies (STYLES NOT ALLOWED include jeans, cut-offs, sweat pants, athletic pants/shorts, yoga/stretch pants/shorts) and a white or black, short- or long-sleeved t-shirt (no colored or printed t-shirts and no hoods).

• Shoes/Socks: Wear something comfortable and skid-resistant. Open-toed/-heel shoes or sandals ARE NOT permitted. Socks must be worn and must be black or white if they show.

• Cell Phones: Cell phones must be kept out of sight of guests at all times and used only in the event of an emergency. Cell phones should never be used in concession areas when gates are open.

• Identification: All volunteers are required to carry a picture I.D. and present it at the request of

Sportservice Management.

• Valuables: Please leave all valuables at home. Sportservice is not responsible for any personal items.



All games in general:

MONDAY-THURSDAY GAMES: 1.5-hour Gates: Workers must be there at least 1 hour in advance of Gates, Leads, 2 hours in advance of gates; meaning 2.5 and 3.5 hours before Game time.



2-hour Gates: Workers must be there at least 1 hour in advance of Gates, Leads, 2 hours in advance of gates; meaning 3 and 4 hours before Game time.

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