The Wait Room

Contact our placement team at for more information

This Old Horse has a limited capacity to accept eligible horses into our program and we maintain a waiting list of wonderful older horses looking for good homes.  Some are the horses are fully retired and would make wonderful companion horses or pasture mates.  Some are recovered horses from our rescue program.  Many are retired from full time work and ready for an easy job.  If you are interested in partnering with us to support any of these horses, please review our guidelines for becoming a This Old Horse adopter or foster host and we'll see if we might find a perfect match.  Contact us at for more information.  An application is available by clicking this link.


As a Partner, This Old Horse would retain ownership of the horse so that if circumstances change and you could not continue to support the horse, it would return to us.  It could not be bred, raced, gamed, transferred or sold.

See a sample foster agreement here.

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