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From rescued to recovered, retired to repurposed, This Old Horse is motivated to respond to events that touch our hearts and reexamine and reimagine our goals and direction.


The success of The Tack Shop at This Old Horse has been a gift beyond our expectations.  Originally created to support our mission to provide sanctuary to rescued, retired and special needs horses by selling donating used tack and horse-related items, the incredible collaboration that has brought a whole new family of independent art, gift and collectible vendors has taken us by storm.


The evolution and impact of our shop has coincided with our partnership in the largest equine rescue in U.S. history.  907 wild Mustangs were rehomed from a failed sanctuary in South Dakota and almost 50 of them have been welcomed home by This Old Horse.  These wild horses have taught us and brought us gifts beyond our wildest imagination.


And so we rebrand our Tack Shop in their honor, to celebrate and acknowledge the beauty, love and magic they have brought into our lives. 


We introduce a new name and new vision for the Tack Shop now called This Wild Heart:  Art . Gifts . Tack .