We are an adoption partner of the ASPCA/ The Right Horse Initative.

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This Old Horse has a limited capacity to accept eligible horses into our program and we maintain a waiting list of wonderful horses looking for good homes.  Some are the horses are fully retired and would make wonderful companion horses or pasture mates.  Some are recovered horses from our rescue program.  Many are retired from full time work and ready for an easy job.


If you are interested in partnering with us to adopt, foster or support any of these horses, let us know and we'll see if we might find a perfect match.  


Contact us at adopt@thisoldhorse.org for more information.  


Charlie the Curly is as cute as can be at 14.2 hands and 13 years old. Charlie loves his food and treats but one needs to be careful not to give him too many sweets or grass because it causes laminitis. He would do best on a dry lot. Charlie is smart and energetic and talkative. Charlie does lead and lunge well so a variety of groundwork exercises would be great! At this point, he should not be ridden but is greenbroke. Charlie is looking for someoneto play with. Are you the one?


Rose is a 16.2 HH bay, draft cross in her early 20's. She came from a kill pen that had virtually no information about her. We don't know her birth year, where she came from, what she did (riding, driving?), or even her breeding. She came underweight and is almost back to where she should be. It was discovered that she has Cushing's. She is doing well on Prascend. She is in a lovely home but the geldings all pick on her. She is well mannered and as sweet as can be.


Mack (Accel Premonition) is a 1997 registered Morgan Bay gelding who stands at 14.3hh. He is excellent at groundwork and is extremely desensitized. Just recently, Mack was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which explains his previous and current laminitis flare ups (front feet). Mack will be on Pergolide for Cushing’s. Mack also suffers from undiagnosed and frequent bouts of back soreness, not currently rideable, but this can change. Mack has a delightfully quirky and fun personality.


JJ is as bright as a shiny copper penny and if you 'pick' him up, you will have good luck! He is a 2000, 16 hands, Quarter Horse gelding. JJ has kissing spine but you wouldn't really know. He is pasture sound. JJ is a sweetheart and loves to be loved on. He is good for the vet and farrier and is low in the pecking order. JJ would make a wonderful addition to your family and a great companion for any horse.


Lilo is a loving 2011, 15.1 hh, red dun, Quarter Horse mare. She has a stunning and somewhat unique coat color. Lilo can be ridden lightly in an arena or on the trail. She does best with special boots, soft ground and a lot of walking with very little trot and even less canter/lope. Lilo was injured and her navicular bone on her left front was broken. She does better if she is on something like Equioxx. If you would like to honor her beauty as well as her injury, you could be the one for her!


Lacey is a 1994 Dappled Appaloosa Mare. She is 14.2 and has Wobbler Syndrome that affects her hind legs.Lacey halters easily, enjoys being groomed and walks on a lead. Though she cannot be ridden, her trot is lovely to see. Currently, at night, her bff, a chicken, stays with her for company. Lacey needs a new forever home since losing her last pasture mate. I promise that Lacey will wobble right in to your heart!


Breezy is a magnificent 20 year-old Rocky Mountain Horse mare who stands at 15 hands high and boasts a brilliant silver mane to accentuate her beautiful red coat. She is a retired broodmare which lends to her being very loving! Breezy has foundered in the past. In regards to her training, Breezy is broke to ride, though she has not had a rider in 3 years. She is naturally gaited and provides a smooth ride.


Ruby is a 17 year-old, 15.2 hh chestnut Quarter Horse. She stands for the farrier and leads very well. Ruby is pasture sound due to lameness. She developed ring bone as a result of an injury. A procedure was performed to fuse the affected bone to correct pain, though she is permanently lame on the front right now. In spite of this, she is a very easy keeper, with no presenting health concerns and being on pasture only. She is bonded with her dam, Sugar, they must be placed together.


Sugar is a 24 year-old dark bay Quarter Horse. She is 15 hh. Sugar is a quiet, well-mannered girl. She stands for the farrier, leads well, and absolutely loves grooming. Sugar is broke to ride, though she has not been ridden in many years. She has a shoulder injury that occasionally bothers her. Her current owners feel she could carry small kids on lead with no problem. She is bonded with her daughter, Ruby, and must stay with her.


Lady is a gorgeous 21 year old 16hh Chestnut Arab X Quarter Horse mare. Lady has had some rough months - neglect, Lyme's disease and now with Cushings. Through all of this, she has remained a loving and kind horse. She has super manners and would be a perfect addition to any herd.


RF Premonition/Prem is a stunning, 2007, 15.1 HH Arabian/Pinto cross. She was shown in halter classes and has been ridden intermittently on the road and in an arena. Prem has not been ridden in a few years but does well on a lunge line and in hand. With a little time, patience and groundwork, she would be great! Prem does have a hernia just behind the girth that may need to be fixed. Prem is a good girl and sensitive to clues. She would need to be placed with her sister Syriana.


Syriana (Syri) is a beautiful Arab/Pinto cross at 15 hands. She was born in 2006 and was started under saddle in 2011. She was only ridden about a dozen times so she is at best green broke. Syri is smart but also needs a lot of patience and consistency to help her be all that she can be. Are you the one? Syriana needs to be placed with her sister Premonition. Two beauties for the price of one!


Spot is a Paint (part TB); 16hh, 1994. Though submissive in the herd Spot loves cows, pigs, dogs, cats & kids. She has excellent manners/attitude & was previously shown under saddle. Spot is not on meds and has had no illnesses past/present. She has a good appetite though no back teeth. Summer heat & flies diminish her appetite, so she loses weight but puts it back on in the fall. Spot is on senior grain & wet down hay cubes. She is unable to be ridden, companion only.

Casa Gal

TKS Casa Gal is a 2002, registered Quarter Horse a15 hands, bay color. She was a great trail horse in the past. You know it is in there when she just walks on a trailer like it was yesterday instead of 10 years ago. Casa is now with a temporary foster getting some much needed refresher training. There is a good chance that by spring, this girl will be ready to hit the trails. Now is the time to see if you connect with her and would like to add her to your family.