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We are an adoption partner of the ASPCA/ The Right Horse Initative.

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This Old Horse has a limited capacity to accept eligible horses into our program and we maintain a waiting list of wonderful horses looking for good homes.  Some are the horses are fully retired and would make wonderful companion horses or pasture mates.  Some are recovered horses from our rescue program.  Many are retired from full time work and ready for an easy job.


If you are interested in partnering with us to adopt, foster or support any of these horses, let us know and we'll see if we might find a perfect match.  


Contact us at for more information.  


Ebony is a 201415hh Registered Quarter horse mare. Like the color of the rare wood she is named after, she is beautiful! Ebony has had done both English and Western, but was diagnosed with Navicular in December of 2021 and has not been ridden since. She is otherwise healthy. Ebony has great ground manners, a sweet and easy-going personality and is typically the first horse to welcome a newcomer to a herd. Won't you welcome this rare beauty to your herd?!


Valentine is a 30ish year old, red roan, mare. Her owner died and she ended up in a questionable situation but has landed at This Old Horse. She was nameless so Valentine was picked because it means strength. With so many changes in a short amount of time, she has shown how strong she is. It is a little hard to assess her because she is in quarantine but so far she is kind and sweet. It appears that she has been ridden. Valentine would love to be your valentine and be doted on.


Jake is a 2010, 15hh, hunky Paint gelding. He was a trail horse but has not been ridden the last few years. Jake has asthma. It is better controlled now but he does have flare ups. Heat plus humidity are bad. Jake has wonderful manners and is a fun guy! He does need a gentle reminder of who is in charge but is otherwise a saint! Wouldn't you love to have Saint Jake be a part of your family and herd!?! Jake is located in Culver, MN.

MC Shahrukh/Rookie

Rookie is a 2001, Chestnut, 14.3hh, 1/2 Bashkir Curly, Western trained, gelding. Don’t let his name fool you; this Rookie is far from a novice. Rookie is easy to catch and is very friendly except when it comes to food. No hand fed treats for him. Rookie is stubborn about his feet but he loves the rest of grooming. He does have heaves’ flare ups and arthritis so only slow easy riding for him. Rookie is smart and will test you and your gate locks. Let Rookie open the gate to your heart!


Ruby is a 2000, chestnut, 16hh, mixed breed, Western trained, mare. Best guess is that Ruby is, at least, part QH. Ruby is blind in her right eye. Due to her partial blindness, Ruby can be skittish. She tends to be shy so she really needs to build a bond. Slow but firm will win the day. Maybe even get her back into riding shape. Ruby’s friend include dogs, cats and goats and she would love to add you to her circle of friends!


CJ is a 1998, 14.1hh, Paint mare. She is a great trail horse but due to arthritis, can only be ridden at a walk with limited weight. She is on Equioxx but it is not helping as much as hoped for. CJ is otherwise healthy, timid, grouchy when hungry (who isn't?), a little buddy sour, loves attention, not into ground work (but could be), great with kids, and is overall wonderful! She would make a great friend! Won't you ask CJ to join your family and herd?!

Miss Lucy Brown/Luka

Miss Lucy Brown/Luka, is a 1998 Standardbred Mare. She is an extremely sweet girl who absolutely loves being loved and groomed on. She has some upper respiratory issues that are manageable by staying out in the pasture and monitoring her allergies. She currently is not on any daily medications. She has a sweet soul and a wonderful demeanor. If you need a little more love in your life (who doesn't?!), then Miss Lucy Brown is for you!


Bold is a 1996, 15hh, bay Quarter Horse. He is kind and gentle and loves attention. Bold likes to mostly walk on trails but he can still trot, canter and gallop. He is missing teeth and needs a mash to eat. Bold would love a stall or a deep shelter to help him stay warm along with his blanket. Bold is a gentleman through and through. Be bold and add Bold to your family!

RMK Cherokee/Cherry

Cherry is a 2003, AQHA, 15.1hh, sorrel mare. Cherry has flawless ground manners but will need a riding tune up to be all that she can be. She does not like to canter - too out of shape. Cherry can only have limited grass but is an easy keeper. She is great with kids but not dogs. Cherry is the cherry on top! Pick her!


Romeo is a 2005, 15.2hh, black, Tennessee Walker. He is very handsome and true to his name, a lover. Romeo does have navicular so is currently not ridden. Otherwise he is healthy. Romeo likes to be at the top of the herd and is picky about his horse friends, however he loves his humans, especially kids. He is super sweet and cuddly. Just look at those pictures! One just can't help wanting to love him back! Are you the one to spoil Romeo!?!?


Cinnamon is a 1997, 15+, solid colored Paint mare. No spots but still a stunner! Cinnamon has done some jumping, dressage and trails. But she has had some rough times including getting really thin and scars from old injuries on her front legs. Cinnamon should probably retire and enjoy just being a friend. She would love a family with kids. They make her happy. Let Cinnamon make you happy too with her touch of spice!


Rosaletta is a 2004, 14.2hh, chestnut Arabian. She has had some rough times in her life but she remains sweeet. Rosaletta gets Equioxx for her knee and loves a stall and/or warm blanket. Rosaletta is the ideal babysitter or companion. She will take care of you and your herd. Please welcome Rosaletta into your home.


Cheyenne is a 2004, 14hh, Pintabian mare. It's a little hard to believe that she is a paint but when she was young, she had dark patches. Cheyenne was never trained to ride but her owner has ridden her and she has ponied young kids. She is just so accommodating. Cheyenne foundered in later spring but she is recovering more with each hoof trim. Cheyenne is simply lovely. She has lovely manners and a lovely personality. She is alone and would l love a friend. Maybe you are the one?!


Finley is a handsome, 2015, 15.1hh, black, American Saddlebred gelding. He has had about 7 months of training but would still require an advanced rider. Finley takes longer to learn not because he is not smart or not willing but simply because his first years were hard. Rough handling and neglect were what he experienced. Sometimes he overreacts. He does not care to be in a stall alone. Finley needs consistent and patient handling. Are you the one to help Finley be all that he can be?!


Diamond is a 2001, 14.1hh, Pintabian mare. Diamond is an easy keeper and likes people and pets. She has a few quirks but patience wins out. Diamond has not been ridden for many years but is curious and ready to learn. Let this 14.1 carat Diamond be a partner in your life. You won't be disappointed!


Jesse is a 2002, 14hh, bay, Arabian gelding. He is such a good boy but would need to be trained to be under saddle. Jesse means God's gift and he is with his great manners, shy demeanor, and good looks. Maybe he could be a gift to you!?


Riley is a stout, 2000, 14.2hh, palomino paint mare. She has great manners and is well trained. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with a torn ACL. She seems sound but hard to say. Riley likes kids, treats and grooming. Her real love is water! Don't you like to run through the sprinkler with her?!?!

Copys Lucky Charm/Scoots

Scoots is a 2000, 14hh, chestnut Quarter Horse. Scoots was used as a trail horse but has not been ridden in about a year. She does need a more experienced rider to remind her of her riding days. Scoots is sound but has battled with heaves. She is currently not on any medication but to prevent an episode, she should NOT be on hay (think pasture, grain, alfalfa cubes/pellets instead). Scoots is bossy but not a bully. She is super friendly so scoot on over to meet her!

Hotrodder's Invention/Calvin

Hotrodder's Invention/Calvin is a hunky, 2006, AQHA, 15.3 hh, red dunn gelding. If his coloring isn't enough to grab your attention, then maybe his black dapples will. Calvin is a well trained horse but does have navicular so should not be ridden. That's okay because his personality will win you over. Calvin is a lover. He makes friends easily so can be in any herd. If you are looking for a friend and a lover, Calvin is the one for you!


Winsome is a handsome, charming, 2008, 16.1hh, bay, thoroughbred. He is pasture sound but does have arthritis so companion only. Winsome means attactrative and appealing in appearance and character and boy is he! His pictures do not do him justice. Winsome comes right up to you for attention and will wrap his head and neck around you in a hug. He is a bit of a goofball too. He sure knows how to make you feel special! You will want Winsome in your herd and life!


Hollister is a 2005 AQHA gelding (Kid Looks Reward) and 16hh sorrel. "Holly" is great with children and has a good understanding of their proximity to him. He is no longer able to take the wear and tear of an adult rider, but could be a good 'grandmas horse' and occasionally take a child on a leisurely walk. He receives bute and a joint supplement daily. He wears shoes on his fronts out of necessity due to thin hoof walls. Holly's companion recently passed and he is waiting to meet a new friend.


Theo is a stunning Arab around 15 hands. The vets put him around 15-17. Theo came in with a body condition score of 2.5. He certainly does not look that way anymore. He is perfect! The vet did evaluate him for lameness. He has an old stifle injury. Theo is sound at the walk but not the trot. However he loves to run in the pasture. Beautiful! Theo has nice manners but a bit anxious for the farrier, loves attention, and can be in charge. Give this boy some attention!


Charlie is a 2008, 14.2hh, palomino Curly. Charlie loves his food and treats but one needs to be careful not to give him too many sweets or grass because it causes laminitis. He would do best on a dry lot. Charlie is smart and energetic and talkative. Charlie does lead and lunge well so a variety of groundwork exercises would be great! Charlie was greenbroke a few years ago. Charlie is looking for someone to play with. Are you the one?

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