We are an adoption partner of the ASPCA/ The Right Horse Initative.

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This Old Horse has a limited capacity to accept eligible horses into our program and we maintain a waiting list of wonderful horses looking for good homes.  Some are the horses are fully retired and would make wonderful companion horses or pasture mates.  Some are recovered horses from our rescue program.  Many are retired from full time work and ready for an easy job.


If you are interested in partnering with us to adopt, foster or support any of these horses, let us know and we'll see if we might find a perfect match.  


Contact us at adopt@thisoldhorse.org for more information.  


Riley is a stout, 2000, 14.2hh, palomino paint mare. She has great manners. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with a torn ACL. She seems sound but hard to say. Riley likes kids, treats and grooming. Her real love is water! Wouldn't you like to run through the sprinkler with her?!?!


Henry is a super, 2010, 14.3hh, liver chestnut, gaited, Tennessee Walker. He is a groundwork therapy horse with wonderful manners. He was ridden about 2 years ago so would need a refresher. Henry loves people and pets. He will hurry in to see you. You should hurry to meet him!

SW Sehras Casanova

Casanova is a hunky, 2002, 15hh, Pintabian. He is a groundwork therapy horse so has wonderful manners. Casanova was ridden many years ago but with patience and a refresher, could be ridden again. He is a lover and makes you feel welcomed. Won't you welcome him to your home?


Gracie is a lovely 14.3hh, dark buckskin, 2010 Quarter Horse. She is super well trained but has been ridden too hard and has some old injuries. Gracie is pasture sound and would make the perfect companion. She is well mannered, the perfect size, and stunning. Just look at that face. You just can't say no. Besides, don't we all need a little Grace(ie) in our lives?!

Copys Lucky Charm/Scoots

Scoots is a 2000, 14hh, chestnut Quarter Horse. Scoots was used as a trail horse but has not been ridden in about a year. She does need a more experienced rider to remind her of her riding days. Scoots is sound but has battled with heaves. She is currently not on any medication but to prevent an episode, she should NOT be on hay (think pasture, grain, alfalfa cubes/pellets instead). Scoots is bossy but not a bully. She is super friendly so scoot on over to meet her!

Not Just Any Gizmo/Gizmo

Gizmo is a playful, 2005, 16hh, chestnut TB. He has kissing spine so cannot be ridden. But Gizmo has wonderful manners and loves to do groundwork. He even does clicker training. If you are looking for a horse to play with, Gizmo is your guy!

G Annie Oakley/Dakota ON HOLD

Dakota is a 2002, 16hh, registered QH, palomino mare. She has some arthritis but can be ridden at a walk and trot. An NSAID helps her to stay sound and comfortable. Regular but light work would be ideal. Dakota does not like to go out alone on a trail but is fine leaving the herd. Dakota's most important feature is her personality. She is respectful of your space, easy to handle, sweet, keeps you safe and is a comfort. All this and great looks too!


Sinclair is a 15hh, 1998, dun, Missouri Foxtrotter, gelding. He has an amazing resume but now needs a light rider and only light riding along with medication for arthritis. Sinclair means 'clear sign'. What more needs to be said?!


Amber is a 2005 15 hh, AQHA, Bay Dun Mare. Amber is a smart, athletic horse who needs a refresher and a job. She has done a lot – arena, trails, English, Western, poles, ... Amber is overall an easy keeper but will require shoes if used on harder ground. ‘Amber’ is a fiery orange/red color. Not only does her name reflect her outside but also her inside. Do you need a little more fire in your life? Then Amber is the girl for you!

Hotrodder's Invention/Calvin

Hotrodder's Invention/Calvin is a hunky, 2006, AQHA, 15.3 hh, red dunn gelding. If his coloring isn't enough to grab your attention, then maybe his black dapples will. Calvin is a well trained horse but does have navicular so should not be ridden. That's okay because his personality will win you over. Calvin is a lover. He makes friends easily so can be in any herd. If you are looking for a friend and a lover, Calvin is the one for you!

My Daddy's Jewel/Jewel

My Daddy's Jewel/Jewel is a 1998, chestnut, 14.1 hh, QH registered Pinto. She appears to have navicular in her front feet but is pasture sound (no riding). Jewel needs a firm hand to remind her of her manners but they are there. She would make an awesome companion and addition to your herd. All the horses want to be by Jewel. Between that and her love of food, it was hard to get pictures of her! If your herd needs a kind leader, Jewel is the one!


Rosaletta is a 2004, 14.2hh, chestnut Arabian. She has had some rough times in her life but she remains sweeet. Rosaletta gets Equioxx for her knee and loves a stall and/or warm blanket. Rosaletta is the ideal babysitter or companion. She will take care of you and your herd. Please welcome Rosaletta into your home.


Winsome is a handsome, charming, 2008, 16.1hh, bay, thoroughbred. He is pasture sound but does have arthritis so companion only. Winsome means attactrative and appealing in appearance and character and boy is he! His pictures do not do him justice. Winsome comes right up to you for attention and will wrap his head and neck around you in a hug. He is a bit of a goofball too. He sure knows how to make you feel special! You will want Winsome in your herd and life!


Hollister is a 2005 AQHA gelding (Kid Looks Reward) and 16hh sorrel. "Holly" is great with children and has a good understanding of their proximity to him. He is no longer able to take the wear and tear of an adult rider, but could be a good 'grandmas horse' and occasionally take a child on a leisurely walk. He receives bute and a joint supplement daily. He wears shoes on his fronts out of necessity due to thin hoof walls. Holly's companion recently passed and he is waiting to meet a new friend.

Eternal Vandalia/Vandalia

Vandalia is a 1993, sorrel, registered Quarter Horse mare at 15.2 hands. She has a swayed back, bad teeth, slightly cracked hooves and arthritis but these are all signs of her survival and wisdom. Vandalia loves to be groomed and will stand quietly. She has a very calming energy about her. Therapeutic even. Vandalia is a good girl but does need some extra patience doing her hooves. It is all her imperfections that make her the perfect companion horse for you and your herd.


Theo is a stunning Arab around 15 hands. His age is a mystery but probably late teens. Theo came in with a body condition score of 2.5. He certainly does not look that way anymore. He is perfect! We believe that Theo was ridden in the past but has just been hanging out the last 3 years. He loves to run in the pasture and is a sight to behold. Theo has nice manners but a bit anxious for the farrier, loves attention, and can be in charge. He could be a project horse or a friend.


If you like long leisurely walks, Maggie is for you! She is a 1994, lovely chestnut, 14 hands, Quarter Horse mare. Maggie is healthy and sound but is just getting older so needs soaked alfalfa cubes to eat and easy going trail rides. Her only downside is that she gets nervous being saddled. Once on, she is good to go. Her owner thinks that she must have had a traumatic experience when she was younger. Maggie would also make a lovely pasture mate because she is sweet, sweet, sweet!


Meadow is as fresh and lovely as the locale her name suggests. She is a 15 hh,1998, Registered Bay Tobiano Paint. Meadow has RAO (recurrent airway obstruction) and takes a decongestant to help. Meadow is up to date on all vaccines, worming and dental floats plus sees her farrier as needed. Regardless of her name, pasture can aggravate Meadow’s breathing issues. Meadow’s ground manners are perfected. She loves kids, cows, dogs and cats.


Charlie the Curly is as cute as can be at 14.2 hands and 13 years old. Charlie loves his food and treats but one needs to be careful not to give him too many sweets or grass because it causes laminitis. He would do best on a dry lot. Charlie is smart and energetic and talkative. Charlie does lead and lunge well so a variety of groundwork exercises would be great! At this point, he should not be ridden but is greenbroke. Charlie is looking for someoneto play with. Are you the one?