We are an adoption partner of the ASPCA/ The Right Horse Initative.

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This Old Horse has a limited capacity to accept eligible horses into our program and we maintain a waiting list of wonderful horses looking for good homes.  Some are the horses are fully retired and would make wonderful companion horses or pasture mates.  Some are recovered horses from our rescue program.  Many are retired from full time work and ready for an easy job.


If you are interested in partnering with us to adopt, foster or support any of these horses, let us know and we'll see if we might find a perfect match.  


Contact us at adopt@thisoldhorse.org for more information.  

Dans Star Taz/Taz

Taz is a 1998, Appaloosa cross. He is blind in his left eye and losing vision in his right. That doesn't prevent him from getting around or seeing into your heart. Taz is a well trained trail horse but would take a lot of trust building for him to be ridden again. Don't you want to love on that face? He would like that (hint, hint).

Kit Kat - Heartland Girls Ranch

Kit Kat is a gem! She is a 1996, 14.2 hands, Missouri Foxtrotter. Kit Kat has been the best lesson horse at Heartland Girls Ranch but now it is time for her to retire. Kit Kat has helped many troubled girls and now deserves all the attention and love that she has given freely. She does have Cushings which is easily managed with Prascend and no pasture. Kit Kat has wonderful manners and is kid friendly. Please welcome this huge hearted horse into your home.

Kit Kat

Meet Kit Kat, a 2004, 15.1hh, Papered Paint mare. With her beautiful coloration and a heart on her back, it’s hard to believe her registered name is Dee Bar Ditch Witch! Kit Kat was a show horse and requires an experienced rider. Kit Kat has arthritis in both knees and can only be ridden lightly with a 160 pound weight limit including the tack. Kit Kat has excellent ground manners and is as sweet as her namesake candy bar!


Sparky has a twinkle in his eyes that draws you to him even though he is a bit shy. Sparky is a 10ish Arabian cross around 15 hands. He has had little handling in the last three years but he definitely knows something. Sparky appears to be sound and is an easy keeper. He would like to stay with his good friend Ginger. Sparky needs you to bring out his potential and change that little twinkle to a spark in his eyes. Come check him and Ginger out!


Ginger has some spice but is mostly nice. We think she is a 10ish Arabian cross at less than 15 hands. Ginger has not had much handling in the last 3 years but there is definitely something in there. Ginger is curious and friendly and an easy keeper. She is pretty but would be beautiful if the burrs were gone. She would like to stay with her companion Sparky. Ginger needs someone to take her under their wing and make her all that she can be. Is that someone you?

Dakota Hansen

Dakota is 2008, paint/pinto at 15.2 hands. He has a tricolored mane and tail which just adds to his super good looks! He doesn't let it go to his head. He is super sweet too. Dakota has something going on with his back legs but it is undiagnosed-shivers? It mainly affects him when he is being trimmed but he can pick up his hooves just not for long. Dakota has not been ridden because of this. Dakota is friendly, has good manners, and likes to be with people. He would love to be with you!

Dahlshai Malachi, aka Razz

Dahlshai Malachi, aka Razz, is a beautiful 22 y/o chestnut Arabian gelding (15.3 HH). Sadly Razz does have arthritis and Cushings (medication provided) which slows him down so he can only be ridden lightly. Razz is a doll. He has his Arabian moments and is sensitive to the slightest touch so would need an experienced rider. He stands well for the farrier, takes his shots like a champ, and is an overall LOVELY guy!


Rosie is a lovely 15 hand, 2001, red roan, Quarter Horse looking for a new home. She is a well-broke horse but with navicular and left front lameness, Rosie should not be ridden. Rosie has awesome manners making this sweet flower a wonderful companion for you and your horse(s). Life will be rosy with Rosie around!!


Freckles is a 1990, Morgan cross, at 15 hands. Freckles is healthy but did lose weight when the other horses were being a bit mean to him. It is no surprise that he pins his ears first until he realizes who you are. Other than needing a few pounds, he is healthy and sound. Freckles can still be ridden by a child at the walk and a little trot. He is so cute with those freckles and has great manners too. Won't you ask him to join your herd?!


Dancer is a 1996, Curly cross at 14.3 hands. Dancer will bat her long eyelashes at you but don’t be fooled - she is planning her escape. Dancer needs an intermediate or better rider to manage her GO! She has mostly been ridden indoors in an English saddle and a hackamore. Dancer can be a little sassy about the cinch but has good manners. She does have flare ups of heaves so summer is not her best time of year. Otherwise she is healthy. Let her dance her way into your heart, home and herd.


Bella is a 2006, 15.2, QH mare. There is no background on her but she appears to have been ridden. She recently went blind in her left eye and is learning to navigate her world. She as heaves. Through all of this, she remains sweet and lovely.


Prince is a 31 year old Arab, 14.2 hh. His ground manners are wonderful. He is a bit hard to keep weight on so nutrition management is required. Loves attention and doesn't seem to be able to get enough. He has osteoarthritis and gets a Equioxx once a day. Potentially could be ridden if rider is under 80 pounds.

Sputnik's Bonanza

Sputnik's Bonanza is a 1998, shiny red dun, Quarter Horse at almost 16 hands. Bonanza has wonderful manners and is very calm. He is more animated around water - loves to play and splash and blow bubbles. Bonanza has navicular but is pasture sound. He cannot be ridden but Bonanza still likes a job such as walks, being ponied, or ground work. Maybe you could teach him some new tricks?! Bonanza likes to be groomed and would enjoy hanging out. Add him to your herd and heart!


Meadow is as fresh and lovely as the locale her name suggests. She is a 15 hh,1998, Registered Bay Tobiano Paint. Meadow has RAO (recurrent airway obstruction) and takes a decongestant to help. Meadow is up to date on all vaccines, worming and dental floats plus sees her farrier as needed. Regardless of her name, pasture can aggravate Meadow’s breathing issues. Meadow’s ground manners are perfected. She loves kids, cows, dogs and cats.


Spider is about 24 years old and a 15hh gray QH gelding. Spider has woven an interesting web over his lifetime. He may have been abused by his original owner but he thrived and participated in team roping in his teens. Until recently, his life partner was a sheep. Spider is an easy keeper, robust and has great ground manners. This is one Spider you will want to be around.


Rio is a 2000, QH at 16 hands. She is all mare but loves her herd and to be groomed. Rio is truly a pasture princess and would like to continue to be one.


Charlie the Curly is as cute as can be at 14.2 hands and 13 years old. Charlie loves his food and treats but one needs to be careful not to give him too many sweets or grass because it causes laminitis. He would do best on a dry lot. Charlie is smart and energetic and talkative. Charlie does lead and lunge well so a variety of groundwork exercises would be great! At this point, he should not be ridden but is greenbroke. Charlie is looking for someoneto play with. Are you the one?


JJ is as bright as a shiny copper penny and if you 'pick' him up, you will have good luck! He is a 2000, 16 hands, Quarter Horse gelding. JJ has kissing spine but you wouldn't really know. He is pasture sound. JJ is a sweetheart and loves to be loved on. He is good for the vet and farrier and is low in the pecking order. JJ would make a wonderful addition to your family and a great companion for any horse.