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Red Roan


Meet the hottest Biscuit this side of a gravy boat! Biscuit is a 2012, 14.3hh, red roan, Appaloosa gelding. Biscuit does not trust easily and will need time to bond with you, but once he does you have a buddy for life! Biscuit is Western trained and requires a Hackamore or side-pull (due to his wolf teeth) and may be ridden by a child or a petite adult (body weight of 100 pounds or less) at the walk and trot ONLY. His riding restriction is due to an injury that occurred while with his previous owner: Biscuit injured his RR hoof & pastern; radiographs show a permanent change in his coffin bone and severe arthritis. Shoes were tried, but there was no noticeable difference. His farrier is patient as Biscuit is resistant to lift his feet due to pain. Biscuit’s Vet has him on Equioxx every other day along with daily grain and supplements. Biscuit, and his herd mates are on dry lot with limited pasture time. He trailers well, but will not back up, so he needs room, in the trailer, to turn around to exit. Biscuit is slow to trust, but once he trusts you, he is the sweetest Biscuit in the basket. Biscuit can be hard to catch as he’ll walk away. He does best with other geldings and can get buddy sour as he is very social. Biscuit is unflappable around dogs, cats, cows, donkeys and humans of any size and farm machinery. If you feel there is something missing in life….it is almost always a Biscuit; so, brew some tea and get this Biscuit. He’s waiting for you in Sleepy Eye, MN.

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