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Quarter Horse




French Taillites/Cal is a hunky, 2014, 16.1hh, sorrel, registered, Quarter Horse, gelding. He has a lot of energy but has something that is stopping him from being all he can be. Cal might have OCD but it is not for certain. He appears sound at the walk and trot but moves in an interesting way at the canter and gallop. Cal is greenbroke so needs an experienced rider that is willing to take a lot of time building his confidence and trust. He tends to startle easily but nothing big. Cal enjoys energy work, treats, and a quiet place to feel safe in. Overall great manners but does freak out with IV injections. He is okay with IM. Go figure! Cal is a little quirky but really very special. It will be a project to bring out the best in him. Cal is looking for a smaller place to live with lots of attention and regular handling. Can you do this for Cal?

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