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Grade Quarter Horse




I love a good Cappuccino and here is one you will love, too! Cappuccino aka ‘Cappy’ is a 2011, 14.3 hh, buckskin, grade QH mare. Her name is a perfect match for her stunning coloration. Cappy is presumed to have navicular, but confirmation testing has not been done. Farriers have tried various shoeing options, but that was abandoned, and Cappy is now barefoot. Regardless, Cappy will require daily Equioxx or it’s generic (Firocoxib). Cappuccino is comfortable around cats, dogs, goats and cows plus she is kind and sweet with humans, especially children. Her current owner will lead Cappy while her young son rides bareback. Cappuccino can only be ridden by a young child being led by an adult as she cannot tolerate more weight than that. Cappy is sound on pasture and gets buddy sour when alone (don’t we all?). Cappy is not fond of trailering but will comply. Cappuccino is a beautiful, sweet mare who would make a beautiful companion horse and fill your cup with joy.

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