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Sweet Cricket is a 1999, 14.2hh, sorrel, Appaloosa, mare. Cricket was purchased over 10 years ago as a companion horse for a horse who has since died, so she is grieving the loss and is lonely. Cricket has Cushing’s though is not on medication. She shows no adverse effects on pasture, though a dry lot may be better for her long term. Cricket is also given daily grain. Riding is an unknown since she wasn’t purchased for that. Cricket is very mouth sensitive and will not tolerate a bit. Hackamores and halters for her. Cricket is peaceful and calm and halters beautifully. She will move as she is asked, such as back or walk and has been lunged in the past. Cricket is fine in cross ties, loves to be brushed and stands for the farrier. She is very approachable, and I found her to be quite charming. Yes, Cricket’s a mare, so she will offer you her opinion on occasion. She has only been around adults, horses and cattle. Dogs & cats are unknowns. Although Cricket has not interacted with children, she appears friendly enough to interact with a child, provided there is proper handling and supervision by an experienced owner. Cricket is looking for a loving home where she can receive support, like she gave her companion for 10 years. If you have never loved an unrideable horse, you don’t know what you are missing, and I speak from experience. Go get her!

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