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Daisy is a 2008, 15.2 hh, Sorrel/White, APHA Mare. This beauty does have navicular; however, she is pasture sound and will run through the pasture if she chooses. Daisy is a consummate well trained and well-mannered mare. She spent many years as a lesson horse and is sweet, respectful and not bossy. Daisy is also an experienced ‘foster dam.’ Two years ago, she was paired with a yearling colt, and taught him all things ‘horse.’ Daisy is comfortable with dogs and wildlife from living in the country. Though not rideable by adults, Daisy would be able to carry a child (80 lbs. or less). She is both English and Western trained, but the best tack for her would be a bareback pad. Daisy can offer you so much as either a grandma’s (or grandpa’s) horse, a companion horse or a foster dam. I once read, “The innocent beauty of a daisy is what touches my heart.” Let this Daisy touch your heart and the hearts of your grandchildren. Though they’ll think they’re just having fun, you will know they are making memories!

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