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Gus is a 1995 (approximated by a vet), 15hh, grulla, gelding of unknown breed. Gus is a mellow, sweetheart who loves to hear you sing. He is the kind of horse that you can just hop on and ride whether it’s bareback or saddled. He requires a heavier insulated pad under his saddle (due to his sway back) and uses a Hackamore but does great bareback. Gus is a former trail horse from Camp Shaminau, he direct reins, can be guided with leg pressure and has a nice trot (I saw it, but my camera wasn’t ready). Once he knows you, Gus likes to cuddle. He got bored being a trail horse and working all the time. Nowadays, Gus perks up when ridden as if to say, “Hey, I know what to do; let’s go!” Although Gus has only been in an arena once, he was unfazed. He gives his grandkids rides on a lead; they love it and him! Gus does have a weight restriction of 140 lbs. (that is a total of rider’s weight plus tack weight). Gus is fine on pasture, recently started quidding and is getting 8 lbs. of Purina Senior, daily. Originally this was to get his weight up, which it is now, so the amount of grain will be reduced. Gus has no health issues though he is given a joint supplement due to his age and to keep him more comfortable for the farrier. He is good for the farrier though his hind feet are more difficult for him to lift, so the farrier accommodates Gus by keeping his hind feet as low to the ground as possible. With his ‘can do’ attitude and his experience Gus would make a wonderful ‘grandma’ horse. FYI: With the recent rain, Gus enjoyed a roll in and out of the hay. What a difference clean versus muddy makes in his photos!

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