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Belgian/Dutch Harness




Pedro is strength and sweetness in a 2009, 16.1hh, chestnut Belgian/Dutch Harness gelding. Due to navicular, Pedro is now, strictly, a companion horse. He currently has wedges and shoes on his front hooves which can/will be removed as they were only needed while he was under saddle. As a companion horse, Pedro is sound and on no medications. He has good teeth, is an easy keeper, has great ground manners, is polite, never pushy and is currently in the middle of the herd. Pedro can be head shy until he knows you and he’s like a puppy if you have treats. His former owner’s 4-year-old would ride Pedro bareback while on lead. He lives with his herd, 2 mini cows and an exuberant dog. Pedro is well behaved with farriers and vets. Pedro is indeed a 'rock' solid boy!

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