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Quarter Horse




Here’s handsome Rio, a 2010 (approximately), 15 hh, AQH Palomino gelding. Rio was a barrel racer, but his conformation, (which was not realized when he was purchased) causes joint issues and pain in his legs, so he is on daily Firocoxib (generic Equioxx) tablets. Rio sees his farrier often so he can remain level when moving (one front hoof toes in) and to keep an eye on a vertical hoof crack. Rio is great with kids and dogs that have been around horses. He is a friendly, calm horse with excellent ground manners. Rio would do well with trail rides and a total riding weight (tack and human) of 175 pounds. A barrel saddle will be available for purchase if you give Rio a home. The barrel saddle weighs about 20 pounds so you would have a saddle that is fitted for Rio plus it would help with the human’s weight limit, and he also requires double pads to take pressure off his back. Adopt this gorgeous boy and you will be 'Rio' happy you did!

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