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Quarter Horse?




Ravishing Ruby is a 2000, chestnut, 16 hh, mixed breed, Western trained, mare. Best guess is that Ruby is, at least, part QH. Ruby is blind in her right eye. Her vet suspects it was severe trauma and it happened prior to her joining her current owner. Due to her partial blindness, Ruby can be skittish and should be approached from the left, so she knows where you are when in her space.
Ruby is shy and low in the herd, so she needs a patient owner who will take the time to bond with her, so Ruby knows that she is safe and that you are trustworthy. Ruby can be head strong and hard to catch, but once haltered she is good and, like most horses, she loves being loved on and groomed. Ruby is not a fan about her feet being picked and has been known to kick, especially the back, thus Ruby needs to feel safe and be treated firmly (yet gently).
In the cold, Ruby’s joints may ‘click’, but it does not bother her, affect her gait or her mood. She’s just noisier some days than others.
If you will take the time to bond with Ruby and build her trust in you, she would be great for an experienced rider. Ruby hasn’t been ridden in over 2 years (owner’s choice) and when ridden, it was with a bareback pad. Ruby has been under saddle in the past and could easily be re-introduced to a saddle. Again, bond with this beauty, earn her trust and she will never let you down!
Although nervous when being trailered, she will normally load.
btw, Ruby’s friends include dogs, cats and goats and she would love to add you to her circle of friends! Ruby is living and loved in North Branch, MN. For more information or to arrange and meet and greet, contact:

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