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This young gelding is a 2019, 14 hh, tattooed, Dun Mustang. He was purchased from a trainer in May of 2022 but when his current owner rode him, Spruce wanted nothing to do with it and eventually threw her. The former owner was called and said, “Just kick him harder.” That was not going to happen. His vet found that Spruce has a depressed sacrum and suspects it was due to an injury from his original owner (great trainer…NOT). The vet also suspects that Spruce has kissing spine though no x-rays were taken to confirm or deny. Regardless, this young gelding cannot be ridden. In January of 2023, Spruce had and was treated for EPM. He cleared the virus and was found negative in two subsequent tests (although relapses can happen). Spruce’s owner had planned to ride him for pleasure and train him for equine grief therapy. While I was there, I mentioned that I had just euthanized my first horse. As I teared up, Spruce walked straight to me and stood. However, he then smelled the treats I didn’t realize were in my jeans pocket and he turned into a 4-year-old. He nuzzled and nuzzled, and then started nipping me, not to hurt, but to convince me to give him those darn treats (which he never received). Spruce has tight pecs and tight hamstrings, so he benefits from PT exercises that will be shown to you. Spruce has fallen a few times and stumbled on the lunge line, which is muscle related and not neurological. The FABULOUS NEWS is that Spruce has calm ground manners, is great for the farrier, vet, deworming and trailering. Spruce’s SUCCESS would be in liberty work and clicker training. He is smart, trainable and very willing once he gains your trust. Spruce is living a good life, with love, in Shafer, MN. For more information or to arrange a meet & greet, contact:

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