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The sun came up and there she was. Perfectly normal. She stood up; staggered drunkenly until she figured out her long legs, she nursed. Her mother cleaned and nurtured her.


An admiring crowd gathered, cooed, stroked the baby, adored the baby. And her mother, as do all mothers, tolerated the attention and went about the business of mothering. Just another day where mothers do what they do and babies do what they do.

What this precious baby will never know is the journey her mother endured—leaving a bleak and uncertain life, familiar despite its hardships, only to land in a confusing, strange place filled with unfamiliar people, customs and landscapes.


The mother adapted, her baby was born in a safe harbor where she will learn and grow and assimilate.

There have been so many miracles, so many stars aligned to bring these wild Mustangs, seized from hardship conditions, into our lives. And today, experiencing this perfectly normal, ordinary birth of a beautiful, healthy filly, our reaction is one of unrestrained exuberance.


We are went gaga over her! She was the greatest, most exceptional, smartest filly ever been born.


Just sayin’. Love is good. 

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