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Most of the mares in the program are retired broodmares. Distaff is a term that means ‘pertaining to females’ and is a common designation in the racing industry to describe races where all the horses in the field are female.

These mares have been selected and valued for their looks, temperaments, skills and, although not as prolific or famous as their stallion counterparts, contribute their significant share to the success and future of any breed. They not only give birth to the next generation;

they also raise them as single mothers!

The Distaff retirement sanctuary is a program where these old girls can spend the remainder of their lives honored, revered and well-tended as an homage to their contributions and gifts.

They kept their promise, did their part, to help

shape a future for their breed.


Now we will keep our promise, do our part to assure

they live happily ever after.

Refer a broodmare at this link:

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