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We have welcomed more than 2,000 volunteers since 2012.  They are the single most important asset of our organization and work in countless roles, both in and out of the barns.

Morning and evening feed crews at all the sites are fun and social, creating tight knit bonds and relationships with the crews and horses.  

Event volunteers, gardening and groundskeepers, fundraisers,  grant writers, program coordinators--we have an infinite variety of roles for volunteers.

Many corporations offer a financial match for volunteer hours.  Double your impact by finding out if your employer supports your efforts.

No experience required!  We provide all the training and support you need.  This is a place to learn and connect and go home a the end of your shift knowing you have done your part!

Families are welcome! Apply online at this link  

or call us at 651 437 1889 and find out more!

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