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Gypsy came to us as part of the Hallelujah Horses mission. We learned that she was likely a domestic horse turned loose to fend for herself before joining up with a wild Mustang band. She was captured in the 1990’s after she was found living in a cattle chute with a halter and two lead ropes hanging off the sides. She was transferred to a sanctuary, adopted out several times only to be returned when she was uncooperative and failed to meet the adopters’ expectations. An accident caused her to lose an eye and some years later she was spooked and chased by some teenagers causing her to bang into a protrusion where she lost her other eye. 

​Completely blind, she was housed with another blind horse and a young stallion (Owen) that had broken his leg. When their South Dakota sanctuary failed in 2016, a home was found for the stallion but he refused to leave her and the other blind mare behind and it was this story of Owen’s loyalty that inspired her rescuers to find a home with us for all three of them. 

The stories of the horses served by This Old Horse are full of heart-wrenching trials and tribulations...and triumphs. 

So why is it that we are moved to tears when a volunteer comes out on the first sunny day of 2018, parks her lawn chair and reads a classic children’s book to Gypsy while she eats her hay and listens? 

Because it is a simple act of kindness. This mare has had a long, tough life filled with rejection and neglect. But not here. And no more. And maybe a sunny afternoon, a good book and a compassionate friend is all she needs. Maybe it’s all any of us need. Love is good.

Gypsy has now been adopted and has a loving, compassionate owner all her own.

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