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Owen came to us in February, 2017.  He was supposed to go to an adoptive home in Nevada with a group of other young horses but when he was separated from his two blind friends—two older mares--he jumped the moon (well, the 4’ fence) to return to them.


Despite efforts to get him gathered and loaded on a transport to a wonderful new home, he refused to leave them. When he was separated from them, they were desperate, confused and panicked without him there to be their guide.


So the tough decision—save him and leave the blind mares behind? Or find a place that would welcome all three of them. There are so many tough decisions to make in a rescue mission. And then there was an easy one. Send them to us. 


We can’t do everything but we can do something. The three of them are now safe at home with us, living reminders of the power of commitment and devotion--theirs and ours. 

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