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The name Jesse means ‘God’s gift.’ So, Jesse not only thinks he is, but he truly is! And this gelding can be your gift through the Placement Team at TOH. Jesse is a 2002, 14 hh, bay Arabian gelding. Due to the drop in his fetlock joints, Jesse needs to be a companion horse. Though he has not been diagnosed with it, he shows the telltale sign of DSLD. Jesse is good for the farrier and being haltered. He is good around cats & dogs but only experienced one child years ago. Jesse needs to put on weight and his owner is collaborating with a nutritionist. This gelding trailers well. Jesse is on the shy side and needs more time to warm up to you, but the time is well spent for the sweet results you will receive. Jesse is loved and living in North Branch, MN. For further information or to arrange a meet and greet, please contact:

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