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Arabian Cross




Theo is a stunning Arabian cross at roughly 15 hands. His age is a mystery but best guess is mid/late teens. Theo came in with a body condition score of 2.5. He certainly does not look that way now. He is perfect! The pictures do not do him justice. We believe that Theo was ridden in the past but has an old injury that will prevent him from being sound under saddle. He still loves to run in the pasture and is a sight to behold. Theo has nice manners but still gets a bit anxious with the farrier, loves attention but is mindful of your space, and is willing to be in charge if need be. Theo will be a good friend to you and your horse(s). He is indeed a divine gift!
Theo is currently located in Hayfield, MN. Please email for more information or to meet this handsome boy.

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