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Our Wells Creek Wild Mustang Sanctuary is home to the last of the 907 Hallelujah Horses to find a home in the successful culmination of the largest equine rescue in U.S. history.


This Old Horse partnered with Fleet of Angels throughout the mission where hundreds of horses had found adoptive homes and sanctuary. And then it came down to these 20 old, wild, some blind, stallions. The ultimate success of the program is attributed to Elaine Nash who inspired a nation of horse lovers to give homes for the Hallelujah Horses mostly adopted out two at a time….887 times.


But there were 907. Twenty more. Wild. Stallions. Blind. Bonded.


Even for a miracle worker like Elaine Nash, the odds of crossing the finish line with these last 20 were infinitesimal.

Should we take heart in the fact that almost all of them were saved? 887 saved horses would have been a record breaker in anyone’s book. Despite countless efforts to figure out a way, these last 20 boys had run out of time, with no more prospects, no more ideas.


It was the end of their road and we mourned the fate of these magnificent, mighty Sheldons descended from America’s war horses, then neglected, blinded, starved.

“My sister has a farm in Goodhue. Should I ask her?”


Becky Robb Hotzler posed that question. And in that instant, a glimmer of hope emerged. And a path home opened for our boys. Josh and Ricka Kohnstamm said they would welcome them to their farm. Supporters from all over the country raised their hands to sponsor and adopt each of these stallions, this ray of hope became our Wells Creek Wild Mustang Sanctuary. One ask, then another, then a miracle.


We will never forget or take for granted what it took to make this happen. This beautiful, peaceful place is home to two bonded herds…

the 20 stallions and the people who saved them.


Sanctuary manager 

Becky Robb Hotzler


Sanctuary managers  Becky Robb Hotzler and Robin Dahling maintain an active and inspiring Facebook page known as the The Hallelujah Stallions at Wells Creek Wild Mustang Sanctuary for

adopters, fans and sponsors of the horses.  


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