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Many different programs fall under This Old Horse's umbrella of support and service. Though the list of programs and initiatives is great, there has been one glaring omission in This Old Horse’s program directory: equine guided programs. It has always been the co-founders' dream to provide equine-guided services as a part of the organization's on-going service to both horses and humans. However, the presenting needs of other equine demographics have so-far prevailed in grabbing the focus of program initiatives.

That is, until now.

This Old Horse has finally found the moment to turn its focus towards the development and implementation of equine guided programing through the creation of This Helping Horse! 


As the newest branch of programs under This Old Horse,  all programs of This Helping Horse are equine guided in nature, ranging from children’s educational programming through This Teaching Horse,  to growing self awareness with Listening To Horses, to learning hands-on methods for healing touch with Hands On Horses,  to therapeutic services via the VALOR program. 


As This Helping Horse is still in its infancy, the goal is to get these programs up and running on a regular weekly schedule soon. 


Follow us on Facebook for more information on how to get involved as these programs move from development to implementation!

Here’s to a future with horses helping humans!

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