VALOR provides support and affirmation to first responders who work in high stress, unpredictable work environments subject to intense scrutiny, second-guessing and evaluation of the community they serve.


The nature of their work requires first responders to be unpredictably and intermittently exposed to tremendous risk and vulnerability at any time while maintaining order, objectivity and command of highly emotionally charged circumstances.


First responders seeking help or guidance regarding stress management are thwarted by barriers including a reluctance to admit the effect of stress in their lives, how to discuss difficult or controversial reactions or interactions with the public without fear of reprisal, how to express the emotional responses to critical incidents without exposing vulnerabilities that could be used against them in the workplace.


As public servants, they are inspired and motivated to help others and reticent about identifying and asking for help themselves.


Equine assisted therapy has been well documented as exceptionally successful model to address the emotional consequences of chronic stress in first responders.


VALOR forms an alliance between law enforcement professionals, and abused and neglected horses. 

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