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Quarter Horse




Bernie is a hunky, 2011, 16hh, bay, registered Quarter Horse gelding. This guy has super training but it has been a while and he had a serious injury. At a minimum, he needs a refresher but he just might not be up for much riding. He does get Equioxx to help with any discomfort due to some arthritis there. Bernie would do well with a little lighter rider, one that knows or is willing to know how to cue off of your leg, and continue with something along the lines of Equioxx. Bernie is a solid boy but out of shape. He can have some anxiety and does better on the trail with a friend. Bernie does best in an arena setting. This guy has good manners but can be a little in your space. He is just a little quirky to keep you entertained. Bernie wants a patient friend and leader in his human. Could you be Bernie's perfect partner?!?!

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